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Water Main Flushing

Weston & Sampson Services has extensive experience in development and implementation of Unidirectional Flushing (UDF) Program for small and large water distribution system. The services we provide for the City and Town-wide flushing programs include:

UDF Program Development
• Utilizing the latest water system GIS data to create hydraulic model
• Utilizing InfoWater hydraulic modeling software to create hydraulic model
• Populating the hydraulic model with the water demands, C-values, and nodal elevations
• Utilizing InfoWater UDF Suite Software to create UDF sequences
• Creating field journal data sheets and Maps showing flushing sequences, valves, hydrants for implementation of the UDF Program.

UDF Program Implementation
• Developing field protocols for an effective and efficient implementation of the UDF Program
• Providing state-of-the-art equipment and tools for conducting flushing program
• Developing an electronic form and methods for field data collection on iPad tablet  device
• Creating project website for real-time data reporting
• Providing experienced crews for conducting UDF Program
• Performing periodic safety audits to ensure implementation of field protocols
• Creating an electronic data reporting format for importing UDF data into work order management software
• Monitoring the flushing program implementation and providing periodic progress reports to the Clients

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