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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Weston & Sampson offers a full range of Geographic Information System (GIS) services.  With more than twenty years of experience providing comprehensive, cost effective solutions for our client’s geospatial data management needs, We are ready to assess, address, implement and execute on full project scopes including:

  • GPS asset locating services
  • Record digitization / Data conversion
  • Infrastructure modeling
  • Application development
  • Mobile data platforms
  • Cloud based solutions
  • Hardware / Software acquisition
  • Database management
  • Facilities management planning
  • Technical support and training


Our expertise as a comprehensive service provider combined with our status as an authorized Esri business partner uniquely positions Weston & Sampson to maximize return on the most advanced industry software available.  Our ability to provide full GIS implementation services allows us to provide customized data management tools applicable to a wide range of users and datasets from single user deployments to enterprise level integration.

Specializing in water, wastewater, drainage and environmental solutions our products provide functionality between municipal departments such as public works, engineering, assessors, emergency response, conservation, planning and zoning.  Wherever you want to take your geospatial data management strategy Weston & Sampson has the knowledge and expertise to provide a product to meet your needs.

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