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Data Collection

iDataCollect provides software and hardware solutions that increase efficiencies for routine inspections by using mobile devices to capture data in the field. These Solutions allow you to collect, store, track and report on critical asset attributes quickly and accurately. 

With Weston & Sampson Solutions' iDataCollect, the gap between the office and the field worker no longer exist. Let us help you replace your clipboards in the field with a truly dynamic solution accessible on a hand-held device, with or without an internet connection.

Enhance your workflow and reduce errors by capturing data electronically.


Designed to replace paper-based forms on clipboards with hand-held, mobile devices, we can assist you to turn your manual field data collection into a seamless automated process.

Enabling users to select from custom pick-lists ensures data accuracy and consistency. Our technology can incorporate pictures and drawings automatically into the inspection form. We can employ data validation and calculations immediately within the form to make sure critical information is collected correctly the first time.



​Full asset management begins in the field but it doesn't end there.

Take your asset management to another level. Visualize and analyze your data in a Geographic Information System (GIS)​. 

iDataCollect can utilize our built-in API to automatically transfer field data into an inspection layer within your GIS.  By symbolizing inspection attributes on a map, anomalies can be visualized to identify trends and prioritize corrective action.

We can integrate into most asset management programs to allow you to more efficiently manage your work orders for a more complete system to manage your aging assets.



Automated reporting to meet your regulatory requirement needs.

Allow us to transform your inspection data into easy-to-use reports that enable you to provide field inspection data to management and regulatory agencies. We have a full suite off out-of-the box reports or we can customize a report to meet your specific needs. 

Pull information on any attribute collected on your inspection form; date range, inspector, asset id, condition, etc. Our reporting portal is completely web-based to allow you to access your data from any computer that has an internet connection. 

With paper systems it can often take days or even weeks to analyze and report on field data. Often data is input into a spreadsheet to manipulate data and calculate totals. By electronically capturing field data and providing access to our web portal most calculations can be reported on with a couple of mouse clicks. 

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