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About Us

A History of Progress

When Robert Spurr Weston began his consulting practice in 1899, he established a tradition of engineering excellence. A pioneer in the field of sanitary engineering, Weston, along with business associate George Sampson, formed the Weston & Sampson partnership in 1916. Together, they were instrumental in developing innovative approaches to the new science of water treatment. The engineering practices fostered by Weston & Sampson continue to this day as the basis of state-of-the-art treatment processes.

​A Future of Promise​

Today, Weston & Sampson is a full-service environmental and infrastructure consulting firm with over 360 professionals, all committed to excellence in their chosen fields.

While performing routine inspections for our municipal clients we realized there had to be a more efficient means to gather and report on data. Our Solutions group was born from this realization.

We have assembled a top-notch team of professionals to investigate and implement technology solutions that enable us and our clients to more efficiently capture, analyze and report on field data. This allows us to provide full asset management programs for municipality's aging assets.

Let us be your Solutions provider to match the best mobile solution to meet your individual needs. Our professionals are ready to meet with you to asses your processes and recommend the best technologies for your city or town. But we don't stop there. We provide full implementation services to install, train and provide on-going support for any solution you choose.

To learn more about our full environmental engineering services please visit our parent website:

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